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Residential Buildings

ALFATHERM INSULATION “   is used extensively in Cavity Wall Insulation, Under deck Insulation and Internal Wall (Sandwich Panel) Insulation.

Furnace Using Industries

ALFATHERM INSULATION “  Glass Wool has also been used extensively for consumer electrical goods and solar heaters.

Portable Cabins

ALFATHERM INSULATION “     Wool has been expertised in designing portable office cabins and stores.

Acoustic Insulation

ALFATHERM INSULATION “  Glass Wool has been widely used for Acoustic Insulation in Home Theaters, Auditoriums and partition walls.

PEB Industry

“ALFATHERM INSULATION “    has been widely used in the PEB industry in India because of its good thermal and acoustic insulation properties and non combustibility.

Automobile Industry

ALFATHERM INSULATION “     Loose and Resin Bonded Glass Wool has been used extensively in vehicular exhaust systems for LCVs, cars, trucks, motor cyles and scooters.

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” ALFATHERM INSULATION “ is the Manufacturer, Importer and Representative of a wide range of products like Fiberglass wool, Mineral wool, Rockwool Slab , Resin bonded slabs, Lightly resin bonded mattress, Ceramic wool blanket, Ceramic paper, Ceramic board, modules, rope, Glass wool, Nitrile rubber insulation, Extruded polystyrene insulation sheet, Air bubble insulation foil.
All insulations and water proofing materials are efficient and dependable in nature. These are fabricated by our team of dedicated and skilled professional.

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Our Products Categories

Authorised Distribution channel Partner for Aerolam

Insulation Board – XPS Insulation Board Supplier and Dealer in Delhi NCR and India

Are you trying to find keeping your house cool and waterproof from inside? you’ll do many things to achieve this stuff , while it’s under construction, but what to try to to , when construction has already been completed? the simplest answer here is within the sort of extruded polystyrene foam. they’re exclusively designed airtight plastic foam type elements which will keep your house entirely cool from inside.
As a capable XPS insulation board Supplier, Dealer and manufacturer, we will completely customize the boards or production lines consistent with your product requirements and budget.

We are the foremost well-known XPS insulation board suppliers in your Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida and has expertise in providing you the simplest quality insulating boards, which is usually applied while the inside decoration is formed in your home. You just need to contact the Insuboard Dealer in Delhi NCR.

By now you’re cleared out of the thought – you’re now having enough details which you would like to collect, so as to seek out out what the XPS are and why they’re used for your house. Now, as you recognize the thing, you want to be trying to find the proper place to urge those, in order that the insulation board price can remain at the lower side.

To be considerably factual, to urge the XPS (Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Boards) at lower or discounted price, you would like the XPS insulation board suppliers which directs us for the help of yours. We are the sole supplier of XPS in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. So, once you are going to be availing the service from us in bulk, make it sure that you simply are going to be availing those at a reduced rate. Quite anything, why will you pay more, especially once you are buying the froth in bulk? There’s no need to that either, as we are there to supply you what you would like .

    • Extruded Polystyrene Sheet Supplier in Delhi
    • Extruded Polystyrene Supplier in Delhi
    • Extruded Polystyrene Dealer in Delhi
    • Insuboard Dealer in Delhi
    • Insuboard Supplier in Delhi

Ceramic Blanket Supplier in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and India

Our company ceramic blanket supplier has deep experience within the trade and provide of premium quality ceramic blanket in Delhi NCR. The ceramic blankets are supplied at the highly market rates. These blankets are available in various specifications to satisfy the demand of consumers for various uses.

The company makes sure that the ceramic blankets are available to the clients within a specific time. The standard of blankets is tested against parameters by professionals before selling them. The blankets are tear resistant , durable and are sturdy. A side from these qualities, the ceramic blankets have, high dielectric strength, can resist corrosion and are chemically stable.

The modern factory of the corporate ensures that ceramic blankets are made at economical rates and are supplied at rock bottom possible rate to clients. The corporate is capable of meeting the demand of clients in bulk quantities. To fulfilment the demands we can find the best Ceramic Board Dealer in Delhi and Ceramic Board Supplier in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida

    • Ceramic Fibre Blanket Dealer In Delhi
    • Ceramic Fibre Blanket Supplier In Delhi
    • Ceramic Board Dealer In Delhi
    • Ceramic Board Supplier In Delhi
    • Ceramic Fibre Blanket In Delhi
    • Ceramic Board In Delhi

Mineral Wool / Slag Wool Dealer and Suppliers in Delhi, India

Mineral Wool / Slag Wool is an efficient and versatile material for warmth ,cold and sound insulation.
Mineral Wool is manufactured from selected furnace slag and a mix of minerals, within the sort of blankets to controlled density and thickness to assure utmost insulating value.

Mineral Wool Dealer and Suppliers of Delhi NCR offers the convenience of a versatile insulation and excellent thermal efficiency, it’s adaptable to flat or curved surfaces and don’t break handling.

    • Mineral Wool Dealer In Delhi
    • Mineral Wool Supplier In Delhi
    • Mineral Wool In Delhi

Rockwool Slab Dealer, Suppliers and Manufacturers in Delhi, Gurgaon and India

Our company mineral wool manufacturers makes mineral wool products by using premium quality materials and latest techniques in modern factory. The massive manufacturing capacity of the plant enables us to supply mineral wool panels at competitive prices.

Our mineral wool products give excellent anti fire properties, which are essential at the high risk areas, are ease to put in at the location of the purchasers and are made in precision by our modern techniques and machines. The mineral wool also has higher sound absorbing qualities.
The mineral wool provides strength, reliability and reassurance at cost effective prices to clients. Our products include building rolls, loose wool, loose insulation material, mineral wool building rolls, mineral wool pipe sections and mineral wool mattresses.

    • Rockwool Slab In Delhi
    • Rockwool Slab Dealer In Delhi
    • Rockwool Slab  Supplier In Delhi

Ceramic Fiber Blanket – Hi-Temp Ceramic Welding Blanket Manufacturer Supplier and Dealer from New Delhi

Ceramic Fibre Products Supplier Delhi and Gurgaon

Alfatherm insulation are engaged in exporting, manufacturing, Supplying and trading Ceramic Fiber Products to our valuable clients. The vendors develop these products using optimum quality refractory fiber material alongside a typical thickness. As these products are designed using high grade refractory fibres, these can form an organic bond with a coffee content. Furthermore, various organic-bond, bio-bond and refractory fibers are mixed as per the scales to develop fiber boards that are utilized in different temperatures.

Alfatherm insulation are Best Dealer and Supplier in Delhi NCR For Many things Like

Insuboard Supplier in Delhi Insuboard Dealer in Delhi Extruded Polystyrene Dealer in Delhi Extruded Polystyrene Supplier in Delhi
Extruded Polystyrene Sheet Supplier in Delhi XPS Sheet Dealer in Delhi Ceramic Fibre Blanket Dealer in Delhi Ceramic Fibre Blanket Supplier in Delhi
Mineral Wool Dealer in Delhi Mineral Wool Supplier in Delhi Rockwool Slab Dealer in Delhi Rockwool Slab Supplier in Delhi
Ceramic Board Dealer in Delhi Ceramic Board Supplier in Delhi Ceramic Fibre Blanket In Delhi Ceramic Board In Delhi

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