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Bubble Insulation

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Discover the Best Bubble Insulation Solution with Alfatherm Insulation

bubble insulation solution
Bubble Insulation solution

Alfatherm Insulation, a leading name in the insulation industry, proudly presents its revolutionary Bubble Insulation Solutions. Designed to redefine thermal performance and energy efficiency, Alfatherm’s Bubble Insulation is the answer to creating environments that are comfortable, sustainable, and cost-effective.

AEROLAM Group of Companies have diversified Business interests in Real Estate, Building & Construction, Education, Manufacturing, Packaging and Plastic Films. The Group boasts of cutting-edge technology, highly skilled professionals & top-quality products.

The AEROLAM Group of Companies comprises of leading professionals, high quality and precisely designed products, through high-end engineering and advanced R&D. AEROLAM Promoters with their humble team had a vision, which successfully culminated in the inception of AEROLAM Insulations Pvt Ltd in 2011. A purposeful market research with a clear and focused approach to understanding the need for insulation products has been a crucial factor in their growth. The need to manufacture and market products which are unique and challenging has taken the company a notch higher in the industry.

AEROLAM being pioneer in the Double Bubble Insulation Reflective insulation in the Indian market. Has also installed the first machine in the world to manufacture double bubble, bubble guard boards. AEROLAM today in real sense is a multifaceted Organization with manufacturing prowess in Reflective Insulation Material, XLPE (Chemically cross-linked closed cell polyethylene foam) Insulation Material, FIBC (PP Woven jumbo Bags), PP Bubble Guard Board (a board with endless applications and seamless possibilities) & CPP Film (Especially for Medical & Food grade Packaging).

BUBBLE: AEROLAM is the first manufacturer in India to produce double Bubble Insulation Sheets In Delhi and the first to have a state-of-the-art extrusion lamination technology of its kind. AEROLAM manufactures insulation of various thicknesses, starting from 4 mm up to 20 mm.

XLPE: AEROLAM XLPE is manufactured using world-class manufacturing equipments and facilities, capable of manufacturing products in line with the highest international standards. Highest quality raw materials, practices and quality management systems enable AEROLAM XLPE to deliver the best quality end-product.

BUBBLE GUARD: A multi-layer alveolar board made from 100% polypropylene with a unique circular honeycomb structure core at the centre and two flat surfaces on either side with great versatility and high performance. It is 100% eco-friendly & recyclable.

CPP FILM: AEROLAM Closures has developed high performing metallisable CPP and CPE structures, making it possible to replace met-PET in multi-material packaging; for this purpose, AEROLAM Closures has also invested in the newest Bobst metallising unit.


AEROLAM manufactures highly versatile Bubble Insulation Solution using the latest technology, made to order for virtually any industry.

AEROLAM is the first manufacturer in india to produce double Bubble Insulation and the first to have a state of the art extrusion lamination technology of its kind, Aerolam manufactures insulation of various thicknesses, starting from 4mm upto 20mm.

AEROLAM has recently developed “Bubble + XLPE Hybrid Product”. We are the first manufacture to develop such product in India. In higher thickness we give flange so it is easy to install the material.

Bubble Insulation solution


Various projects& buildings will require suitable methods to meet the application quality, cost & time frames. As such our team of experts will guide the professional contractors to meet these demands for you. Under deck insulation, applications in a new project or metal building is very economical, speedy & gets done along with the roofing system being laid.

Poultry Shed Insulation / Cow shed insulation: When it comes to proper rearing of the live stock & their controlled conditions. Aerolam insulation is very effective in reducing the heat stress caused by bare metal roofing sheds. Poultry output, reduced mortality rates are clearly dependent on reducing the heat stress. Many poultry segments use Aerolam insulation for better results & yield.

Wall insulation. Apart from the roof assembly wailing insulation is also an important parameter, Aerolam products & application methods fulfil these insulation demands delivering performance & product safety.

Under deck for existing building. (Retrofitting) When considering the applications for existing buildings, Aerolam products offer variety & best range to choose from. Aerolam insulation can be installed without removing the roofing sheet.


  • Thermal insulation when used as under deck / wailing will effectively bring down the cooling load of a building. The building envelope will protect the occupant / process & equipment from harsh weather conditions.
  • When used over the AC Ducts & the Pipes Aerolam XLPE insulation will reduce the energy consumption, make the system performance improve.
  • Chilled water pipelines, solar hot water distribution will require good quality insulation to reduce the heat losses & enhance energy savings.
  • XLPE due to its very own nature will not aide fungal growth or create damp conditions which are mostly seen in open cell bonded materials.

Unroll the insulation sheet, from bridge to eve(i.e. from the highest point to the lower). Stretch and fix the insulation sheet with drilling screws.

Place the metal sheet on top of the insulation sheet and fix with metal screws.

On Placing the next sheet parallel to the first, making the side overlap and staple the edges together.

In case of installation in a pre-existing metal structure: stretch the insulation sheet as wide as the purlin spacing, just below the roof sheet and fixate with GI wire.


  • Warehouse
  • Engineering Goods
  • Poultry
  • Dairy
  • Chemical Industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • Textile Industries & Homes
  • Hospitals